Program 29/9 to 3/10

  • Monday 29/9/2014 20:00
    Workshop: Radical Theory and Praxis #1
    The start of a regular workshop. This workshop will be twofold. In the first part we will be collectively reading texts. In the second part we will act upon them.
  • Tuesday 30/9/2014 20:00 Games Night
    All sorts of board and card games. Bring your own games (& friends)
  • Thursday 2/10/2014 19:00 STUDENTENKRAAKSPREEKUUR (SKSU)
    Voor al je vragen over kraken en het vinden van toekomstige medekrakers!
  • Thursday 2/10/2014 21:00 Film Screening: My Friend Ivan Lapshin (1984)
    My Friend Ivan Lapshin loosely follows the story of a love triangle between a policeman (Lapshin), an actress and a journalist, which is then diffused (expanded) through poetic associations. Recently top 50 national critics have named the top 100 best films in Russian history. Not many cinephiles were surprised when this film took the top spot… after all, Tarkovsky also considered it to be the best Russian movie ever made.A classic of Russian cinema, and this will be a very are screening.

Week after

  • Thursday 9/10/2014 21:00 De Grote Heroïne Literaire Show
    Op 9 oktober organiseert Tijdschrift Heroïne in Het Spinhuis, De Grote Heroïne Literaire Show! Een avond vol met poëzie, korte verhalen, theater en muziek.
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